Exclusive Offer – Free Hot Water Tap worth £1,200*

No more kettles! Our amazing hot taps offer a modern solution to your hot (and chilled) water requirements. Looking just like a conventional kitchen tap at first glance, these amazing devices can produce 98ºC boiling hot water and chilled filtered water on demand. Use it to make hot drinks, help with preparing food ingredients like vegetables and clean stubborn stains on your dishes. Whatever you are up to in the kitchen a hot water dispenser is going to help you on a daily basis. Many people say that they are the one addition to their kitchen which they couldn’t lose.

  • Production of steaming hot water
  • Certain models also capable of producing chilled filtered water
  • 98ºC hot water
  • Highly Energy Efficient

Convenient, economical, efficient and practical. These hot water dispenser taps are the future of the modern kitchen and shouldn’t be overlooked when making such an important addition to your home as a new kitchen. Luckily, we’ve took the hard work out of the decision for you by providing you with a hot tap completely free*

Times are changing and the modern clean lines of today’s kitchens don’t need with the clutter of kettles and other peripherals on the worktops – everything is becoming integrated to give the kitchen the cleanest look possible. Take that ideal a step closer with a hot water tap free with all online kitchen orders over £5000 – so save yourself £1,200 on the recommended retail price of these remarkable devices by ordering online today.

*Hot tap offer is only available with kitchen orders of £5,000 or greater. Offers are limited and excluded installation.

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