Get More use for Cabinet Doors

Cupboard doors! Not only do they hide all our food and bits and bobs but they can be used to help our daily kitchen tasks without clutter and too much cost.

A black board fixed to the back of the door can easily serve as a quick note taker, but could easily be swapped for a white board for those important reminders and also serves as storage for several utensils. There’s a lot of storage on the backs of your cupboard doors if you’re trying to squeeze more space out of your kitchen.

Hooks, loops and rails can all be attached to the back of your cabinet doors and hide a multitude of sins that are essential in the kitchen but unwanted on show. Easily accessible and neat and tidy too. We can use items for storage that aren’t necessarily meant for this kind of storage.

Standard A4 Magazine File Storage fixed to the back of any of your cupboard doors can create storage for things that normally clutter your kitchen drawers. Store foil and cling film in these and anything else that fits. You can then have your drawer space back for other essentials like cutlery and utensils.