Help in Choosing a New Kitchen Sink

//Help in Choosing a New Kitchen Sink
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Help in Choosing a New Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink is the most integral and dominant part of the kitchen. It is the centrepiece of all food based activities, from preparing and washing vegetables to cooking your meals.

There are a variety of options available to you. This ranges from the traditional to state of the art fittings. This includes free-standing units, double sinks, new draining boards and tap styles. Colours, textures and finishes also vary and include stainless steel, quartz and ceramic options.

The most recent development is the Illusion Sink, in which the whole apparatus is dropped down out of sight when not being used. The taps disappear under the Corian panel, which itself becomes an extra work surface. This system is both an attractive addition and is fully functional.

Astracast Illusion Sink

This facility combines well with the increasingly popular ‘boiling water tap’. This is available in addition to the traditional and separate hot and cold taps. Hot drinks can be instantly provided alongside filtered cold water, which involves chilled filtered water on demand.

Worktops adjacent to the sink unit are the most frequently used kitchen surfaces. Wooden preparation areas have usually been available, but are hard to maintain under pressures from all temperatures of water and from being in constant use. However quartz and granite surfaces are more durable and water resistant in this busy environment.

Granite kitchen sinks are also popular and incredibly tough and keep their stunning good looks whatever knocks and bumps they suffer. A kitchen sink that’s as strong as it is beautiful, Contour’s textured slate-like ROK TEX® finish gives it an ultra modern look. Food prep is easy with the handy half bowl and both bowls have a sleek covered pop-up waste. A range of accessories are available including a half bowl colander, steel grid and glass chopping board.

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June 13th, 2018|Kitchen Appliances|