If you’re looking for something new in the kitchen and aren’t afraid to be bold then this is probably written for you.

It may sound absurd but navy blue in the kitchen can make the room into that perfect space you’ve been longing for.
An unusual and strong colour, but teamed with the right accessories and complimentary colours, this could be the best room in the house.

If you are seriously addicted to neutrals, dark blue is the perfect colour to perk up a stylish base and create a dramatic look. Kitchen cabinetry in Navy blue is the best way to utilise this colour in the kitchen, leaving your walls and accessories to compliment it. 

Working with 3 colours is the best way to create a professional feel in your decoration, each colour complementing the others.  Bright white will give your kitchen a modern feel whilst cream and ivory teamed with navy blue can create a more rustic or farmhouse feel. Patterns and mosaics look fantastic with navy blue so feel free to experiment with more neutral pastel shades mixed into patterns to create a stunning feature.

As for appliances, anything goes with this colour scheme. It depends on what look you are wanting to achieve.  Crisp clean stainless steel with the bright whites or rustic copper and rose gold for the farmhouse feel.