Lighten up your kitchen, steer clear of darker shades and stick to lightening up you floors, walls and cabinetry which will promote the illusion of a bigger room.  Surround your kitchen with natural lighting as much as possible. Keep those blinds open and windows clean as much as possible.

Don’t leave your dirties out for the world to see, In a smaller kitchen, clutter can turn into chaos pretty quickly and you are restricting the space you have to work with when you leave your dirty dishes out. Do you have space for a dishwasher? Our expert designers can help you plan your kitchen, regardless of size so you can fit in the essentials, that will not only make life easier for you but keep your kitchen looking like new.

De-clutter your kitchen! It’s simple and you will thank us for it. Donate or find a new spot for anything you don’t currently or potentially see yourself having a use for. Everything has a place and that place isn’t necessarily on your kitchen worktop! Our clever storage solutions are a brilliant way to transform the smaller kitchen into a room you’ll love spending time in.

Have you thought about an open plan kitchen? Whether you’re renovating an existing kitchen, or moving into a new home – an open plan kitchen design will allow the eye to wander further and link your kitchen to the rest of your home.

We have decades of experience in kitchen modernisation so give 1st Stop Kitchens a call today and see how we can transform your space into a truly exceptional living area.