Stylist Seating Within the Kitchen

//Stylist Seating Within the Kitchen
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Stylist Seating Within the Kitchen

The modern trend is for seating to be available within the kitchen diner. Where space is at a premium, then a set of traditional table and chairs can consume too much space. There are a number of creative alternatives to such bulky furniture.

The Breakfast Bar

The much favoured integral and fixed breakfast bar is both the easiest and most attractive solution where there is restricted space. This can satisfy the need for both breakfast snacking and for a full meal. Guests and partners can rest here while meals are prepared and served. Breakfast bars can be personalised with mats and coasters, while their appeal is highlighted by the use of subtle or feature lighting.

Window Seating

Kitchens which incorporate windows of various styles can easily make use of additional lighting and views by designing and incorporating window seats. Where space is tight, a seat within or adjacent to a small bay window will deliver the right atmosphere. Padding, cushions and, perhaps, a small table will add to the appeal.


The kitchen can easily become cluttered, especially if there is a desire to incorporate storage, appliances and furniture. This can sometimes be solved by reducing the height of some storage cabinets, so that they may also be used as additional seating. Beneath cupboards and drawers you can house your utensils and crockery, whilst the top surface can become available for intimate seating. This idea appeals particularly to children.

Utilising the Island Unit

Larger kitchens can accommodate useful and stylist looking islands. These multi-purpose features can be used for both preparing and serving meals, but with the clever addition of indented spaces, discrete chairs and stools can be drawn out for use and then tidied away under the island afterwards. The perfect solution to de-cluttering the kitchen!


November 10th, 2018|Kitchen Tips|